54H60-Military-Standard-Propeller-Repair-&-Servicing-for-C130-L100-&-P30-Props-by-the-Segers-Group 54H60 Propeller Servicing Overhaul & Repairs to the latest USAF TO 3H1-18 Change 35 & OEM ASB 54H60-61-A154 A154155 for C-130 L-100 & P-3 Aircrafts Segers Aero Corporation - Maintenance Specialists of the C130 L100 & P3 Propeller 54H60 54H60 SERIES PROPELLER
Overhaul and Service Solutions
For C-130/L-100 and P-3 Operators

54H60 Series Propeller

Overhaul and Service Solutions For C-130/L-100 and P-3 Operators

Segers Aero Corporation has implemented new equipment, tooling and processes to overhaul and repair the Hamilton Sundstrand 54H60 propellers installed on the C130, L100 and P3 aircrafts.

We comply with the  latest USAF TO 3H1-18-3 (previously “Change 35”), including supplement TO 3H1-18-3S-9 and OEM ASB 54H60-61-A154/155.

Segers received approval as the only MRO worldwide USAF “firewall forward” for the C130 aircraft, being the Lockheed Martin QEC’s, Rolls Royce T56 engines & 54H60 propellers.

54H60 Propller Overhaul Approval 

Press Release of USAF Approval 

Segers is committed to supporting commercial operators, the US military and international air forces by providing the maintenance and release to service documentation that the operator requires.  This includes offering both chromic acid anodizing (CAA) and sulphuric acid anodizing, depending on the client and applicable overhaul manual requirements.

Watch our video below to see some of the new processes Segers has implemented to meet these latest standards

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Field Service & Training

Segers can support field service trips including assembly/dis-assembly for shipping or storage, damage repairs and completing eddy-current inspections as specified per the USAF TCTO 3H1-18-515 and Collins ASB 54H60-61-A154/A155.

Segers conducts training and capability development for topics ranging from field repairs to comprehensive MRO based maintenance.  Contact us today for any propeller training or tooling requirement.

Spare Parts

Segers maintains a pool of propellers and propeller components for direct sale, exchange or lease.  If you have 54H60 spare parts requirements we would be happy to assist.